CBD ALCOHOL. can you mix cbd and alcohol.


CBD and Alcohol

Can you mix cbd and alcohol? In recent time, CBD has turned up in many forms. From CBD Oil tinctures, CBD edibles, vape, balms, dog treats, face masks and more. Some with more tangible benefits than others. Small batch brewers and distilleries have even jumped on the movement. These manufacturers are producing CBD-infused gin, beers, and other alcoholic beverages.

Now the question that is arising is; is it safe to mix cbd oil and alcohol? 

Quick Read –

  • What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD has no psychoactive properties. It doesn’t get you high and used as a food supplement and part of a wellness routine.

  •  Mixing CBD & Alcohol:

Taking CBD & booze together may amplify the effects. However, toxicity within the liver is reduced.

  • CBD & Hangovers:

CBD may help reduce inflammation leading to pain. Additional studies have stated that CBD may help to prevent nausea & vomiting.

  • CBD & “The FEAR”:

CBD may help you promote a sense of calm by stimulating neurotransmitter systems. The CBD helps restore balance to the endocannabinoid system. It prevents overstimulation of your CB1 receptors. It also boosts your body’s production of endocannabinoids, giving a little sense of chill.

What is CBD?

Let’s start by talking about the factor that defines each type of CBD — cannabinoids. Within the Cannabis plants, there is a classification of compounds known as cannabinoids.

In case you are new to CBD, and this is the first page on our site you have stumbled upon.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD has no psychoactive properties that can get you high. The CBD is plucked from the cannabis plant. It’s then mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut, palm, olive, or hemp seed oil.

November 2018 Change in the UK

Since November 2018 CBD in the UK has gained an astronomical rise in its popularity. (rightly so we believe). And with the increase, it is now available in all these new forms to take or use.

The factor that defines each variety of CBD is the cannabinoids. Within the Cannabis, there is a class of compounds known as; cannabinoids.

Among these are CBD & THC, along with over a hundred others which scientists have discovered naturally occurring within different Cannabis strains.

In 1995, it was discovered that, by communicating with receptors in the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), cannabinoids like CBD could deliver unique health benefits to the body.

Later, they discovered that each cannabinoid could affect the body differently.

CBD & Alcohol

The Effects. 

We need to be mindful that CBD and alcohol each interact with our bodies in different ways. Depending on a host of factors, size, tolerance, genetic makeup & metabolism, you will react differently. Each person may have different side effect. 

Both Alcoholic drinks & CBD can promote feelings of calmness and relaxation (think of a glass of wine at the end of a busy day). Taking them together may amplify these effects. More research is required for us to ascertain how the two can affect your mood and behaviour.

CBD Oil after drinking.

Even if you are not mixing the 2 together directly in CBD cocktail. CBD & alcohol can interact if you take them within four to eight hours of each other. If you have a drink after work, then a CBD vape before you go to bed. The CBD could have a more powerful effect than it would without a drink. Mixing CBD and alcoholic beverage may lower blood alcohol levels. CBD has also been seen to while reducing some of alcohol’s toxic effects on the liver. Similar to drinking a glass of water before going to sleep after drinking alcohol, especially an excessive alcohol intake. 

Spirits, wine, beer and CBD all relax you. Alcoholic drinks can lower your inhibitions. These effects could be strong and long-lasting when you mix the two substances. With CBD, you may feel a sense of calm or a little mellow, alcohol may intensify this experience. Larger doses of both may make you very sedated.

Heavy Drinking Then CBD Not recommended

And, it is not recommended to combine heavy drinking and a large or strong dose of CBD. Now the good news is that there may be benefits to taking CBD with alcohol. Soyona Rafatja continued, a New York-based functional and integrative family medicine physician.

Studies shown

study in the journal Psychopharmacology discovered the individuals who had alcohol and a 200mg CBD capsule actually had lower blood alcohol levels than those who had drink alone. But they still experienced the same effects from the alcohol. Other animal studies showed rodents experienced less alcohol-induced cognition impairments and motor coordination when they were given CBD as a topical gel while alcohol was administered.

Be Mindful of Your Tolerance

Combining alcohol consumption & CBD whether it’s together in a cocktail or having a pint then CBD vape is still inconclusive. So be mindful. Keep the doses low if you are trying both on their own first, so you know how you react to them. Its suggests that CBD oil is unlikely to reduce immediate alcohol intoxication or impairment of motor skills. But, CBD may help alleviate hangover symptoms such as headaches and nausea

Does CBD Oil Help with Hangovers?

You may or may not be already familiar with CBD oil as a popular wellness product. Many individuals around the globe now use CBD as part of their daily routine or management. Its administered through CBD ediblesCBD Oil / TinctureCBD vape or DAB, and it is proving to help people improve their daily lives.

Here in the Uk, we are fond of a pint or two or a few wines of an evening. A cheeky gin at the weekend, or a prosecco (glass/bottle). Ok ok, so we all love a drink in the Uk. Whatever your tipple, what we can all agree on is that no-one enjoys the morning after the night before.

Hangovers are the absolute worst. 

As stated CBD products are very unlikely to alleviate immediate alcohol intoxication or impairment of motor skills. But, could your CBD help get rid of a hangover? For most, hangovers don’t tend to last too long. That’s depending on your tolerance, what you have had & how much you have had to drink. It leads to dehydration, oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body) a lowering of the blood sugar levels, and this causes a number of different effects in the body and within the immune system.  There have been many home remedies that have been lauded as curing a hangover. Simply drinking water. “The hair of the dog”. Or, a roll n sausage, a bottle of Irn Bru. In most instances, they simply tend to go away on their own!

The symptoms of a hangover can include;

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Lowered blood sugar
  • Dehydration

There’s a lot of encouragement regarding cannabinoids and pain treatment. In a published study in 2018, It states how the relationship between CBD and our CB1 receptors located in our brain has the potential to ease our nervous system’s pain response.

The review also states how activated CB2 receptors may decrease inflammation. CBD does, in fact, have natural soothing effects and helps target general inflammation.

Dedicated CBD Studies

Dedicated studies haven’t focused on the relationship between cannabinoids and hangovers. A study in the British Journal of Pharmacology inquiring about chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea and CBD’s role does actually exist.

Vomiting decreased significantly, the study showed. This is due to the activation of their cannabinoid receptors. This result, per the study, was promising for the future of anti-nausea treatments as well. 

The Fear

A quintessential British term. As defined by the Urban dictionary; “The Fear” in the sense that you have done yourself some lasting damage after a night of heavy drinking. Its symptoms are:

  • A feeling that you’re going to die soon (& not just due to your hangover symptoms)
  • A sense that people/organizations are out to get you;
  • That angst you feel that you may have offended someone the night before;
  • Foreboding about the next time you meet people or return to the place where you degraded yourself that previous night.

The fear is Genuine,

This is especially so if you must go to work, and you are still suffering.

Hangover cure?

CBD may help you promote a sense of calm by stimulating neurotransmitter systems and neural regeneration. It could help restore balance to your endocannabinoid system. It does this by preventing the overstimulation of your CB1 receptors. And, by boosting your body’s production of endocannabinoids.

CBD & Alcohol Conclusion 

More evidence is coming into the lexicon every day about CBD. When mixed together with spirits it may amplify the effects. CBD may lower levels of toxicity on the liver without impairment. Where it may help in your wellness routine when it comes to drinking is with the morning after. It has been shown to help with nausea, as it can lower inflammation. Its may also help promote a sense of calm. Therefor using CBD before bed, and the next day may help you soldier on.

Hope That Helps

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