CBD Dabs

CBD dabs is a way to administer a more concentrated, higher dose of CBD. For those that suffer from the more severe symptoms, or those who have tried traditional CBD oil with irrelevant results, a different, more potent administration of the natural cannabinoid may be in order. And this is where dabbing is the best option for you. 

What is Dabbing CBD

Dabbing CBD is a relatively new method of consuming CBD. It involves the vaporization of a highly-concentrated, more potent CBD isolate, wax, crumble or resin.

CBD isolate typically have cannabinoid concentrations above 90%. They are more potent than many CBD Oils or standard vape oils or CBD eLiquid. 

CBD works by influencing receptors and neurotransmitters throughout the body’s immune system, cell tissues, and organ systems to promote general homeostasis and along with that a vast range of health benefits. 

Dabbing CBD May Help Over Regular CBD Oil 

The usual method of CBD consumption is by way of CBD oil, which is administered sublingually by placing a few drops directly under your tongue & swallowing. Even though most CBD brands come in a range of different strengths, some users may find even the more potent products are not strong enough to provide therapy for their requirements. 

CBD concentrates

CBD is found throughout hemp – including in its leaves, flowers, and even stems. As such, to be made into a CBD-rich concentrate, raw hemp material needs to be ground up and processed (typically by way of butane extraction) to extract the natural, pure CBD resin.

Once extracted, the CBD-rich resin is processed further to remove any of the excess butane material. It leaves you with a concentrated CBD product that is thick n sticky more potent CBD “wax” that is ready to be vaporized on your dab rig or pen.

What Do You Dab?

You dab CBD isolates, wax and crumbles. We have a range of different forms and concentrates on helping you. CBD isolate, when extracted from the hemp plant, is refined down to an incredible purity.

Here at Citrus Green CBD, we have several products available. They are up to 99% pure. They are some of the most potent CBD products in the market. It is non-psychoactive & is beneficial to maintain & support excellent health. These are isolates, wax, & crumbles. 

By choosing the dab method as one of your ways to absorb your CBD, it makes it easy to get your daily intake, and with the pure isolate, you know what you’re getting and how much you are using.

Stronger CBD effect

Dabbing your CBD allows you to consume at stronger potencies than CBD Oils. With that, if you are taking CBD oil (or other CBD products like a topical or edible) and are experiencing great results, there may not be beneficial reasons for you to increase your dosage by dabbing. However, if you want to try something new. Or you need an alternative to the oils as you need to up the dosage to gain higher relief. Shifting to dabbing for your cbd daily intake may be best for you. 

Why Dab CBD?

  • CBD Isolate contains less plant material, so you are inhaling more of the cannabidiol and less combusted resin. 
  • The effects felt are more rapid. 
  • You feel it instantly as it absorbed into the bloodstream 
  • A faster form of relief. 
  • Highly effective
  • Higher bioavailability
  • A more potent way to get a dose.

When you dab CBD, it is a more effective way to administer your dose. However, it is not free of a few downsides. Inhaling vaporized CBD is not nearly as accessible as other more conventional means like swallowing a capsule or eating CBD chocolate. Also, the effects of inhaling CBD vapour may only last for 2-3 hours where consuming the compound can last up to 7 hours.

Alternatives to CBD Dab

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